Supported Training & Employment Program

The CG Smith Supported Training and Employment Program takes place after school three days per week during the school year and provides job coaching / supervision for employment placements during the summer months. Specialty trained staff work with youth to develop individualized transition plans identifying the youths’ goals and the supports needed to reach their goals. Staff works to connect participants and their families to community services and resources for current and future needs, youth employment opportunities, transitional support services and provide guidance regarding education options. During the school year, youth participate in Independent Livings Skills training, self advocacy skill building activities, employability skills training and career exploration activities.

For more information or to set up an assessment for program eligibility, call Rashawn Brewster at 865-951-8387.

Training and Employment Opportunities for Teens & Young Adults with Special Needs

CG Smith STEP Services are designed to help youth identified with EBD (emotional/behavioral disorders) ages 16-21:

  • Meet their individual employment and educational goals;
  • Gain self-advocacy and improve social skills;
  • Connect to living, educational, and employment support services; and
  • Develop a sense of belonging to the community.

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