Our Beginnings

Christina G. Smith Community Mental Health Foundation was created in memory of Dr. Christina G. Smith, a physician lost prematurely due to a tragedy. Dr. Smith’s vision for the treatment of those with mental illness is the guiding force of C.G. Smith.

Dr. Smith was born in the United States but spent her early childhood years in India where her father was a missionary. She began her career as a psychiatrist working in a state mental health facility where she was dedicated to her patients. After she relocated to South Florida, she focused on the grassroots treatments that were the driving force for her work in this field. She was passionate about her work and spurred that same passion in everyone with whom she worked, both other professionals and her clients.

Dr. Smith was committed to the health and wellness of all the clients she treated. She was also a teacher, helping both her clients and her treatment team to better understand mental illness and the ability to heal through a holistic approach involving all aspects of care. In addition, Dr. Smith was committed to life-long learning, seeking to understand and learn from the clients she treated as well as the diverse experiences she found working as part of collaborative treatment teams.

Dr. Smith shared with those around her the values needed to approach all people with the empathy and understanding to promote acceptance. She believed in the full potential of all human beings, and it is with these qualities that C.G. Smith strives to meet its mission.