Simply put, we positively change the lives of youth in our programs. And nothing describes our impact better than the youth we serve.


“The staff at C.G Smith really cares. They are able to listen and help me problem solve anything that happens in my life.”
Alex Rios
Alex R.
“C.G Smith really made a difference in my life. I’m more outgoing and doing better in school. I really don’t know where I’d be without them.”
Cindy S.

The reality is many youth struggles with emotional and behavioral challenges that negatively affect their academic performance. But every young person deserves to successfully complete their academic studies and become a happy, healthy productive member of their family and community.

C.G Smith programs provide academic assistance and behavioral and emotional supports that help youth achieve academically and empowers them to develop positive emotional and behavioral health – leading to stronger coping mechanisms, better decision making, healthier relationships and improved quality of life.

Through your donation, you can help C. G Smith provide hope and empower youth and families. Your donation goes directly to support our programs which rely on grants and donor support to operate. Your donation can help ensure that youth with behavior and/or emotional challenges have access to the supportive services they need to excel academically and become contributing members of our community.

Please help us provide hope and empower youth and families in our community.