Why C.G Smith Matters

“C.G Smith programs really changed my life for the better.”

Academic achievement is strongly linked to emotional and behavioral health, and for students who struggle with behavioral and emotional challenges, their academic performance can suffer. Some studies suggest that 12 to 30 percent of U.S. school-age children and youth experience at least moderate behavioral, social, or emotional problems. These challenges can lead to a decline in relationships with peers, family and community.

Behavior and emotional problems can also lead to significant academic challenges causing youth to fall behind in school, have gaps in their learning and later intellectual deficiencies. Parents and teachers often feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to help.

For youth to lead happy productive lives and become healthy contributing members of their community, they and their families need access to youth empowerment programs as well as academic, behavior and emotional supports.

That’s where the Christina G. Smith Community Mental Health Foundation steps in. We provide hope in even the most challenging situations. C.G. Smith ensures that youth and their families living in Broward County have access to the services youth need not just to survive their school years but to thrive and excel.

What We do

Started in 2002, C.G. Smith, a nonprofit organization, bridges youth empowerment and academic excellence in four specific strength-based, family-focused programs. The programs are preventative, responsive and culturally competent and are conducted in a safe and well-supervised environment. Youth who are able to receive the necessary emotional and behavioral supports are better prepared to excel in school and function better within their families, school setting and in their communities.